Where Passion Fuels Projects and Teamwork Takes Flight

At Skeiny, we do things a little differently to other project consultancy firms. We blend innovative thinking into the age-old art of project management.

Fuelled by a ‘people first’ culture, offering remote work flexibility, an in-house performance and wellbeing coach, and a commitment to philanthropy, our Skeiny team is empowered to create a meaningful impact while cultivating continuous development, passion and teamwork.

We Passionately Value

People First

Our success is driven by our dedicated team. We are committed to fostering a culture of knowledge sharing, embracing diversity, and providing unwavering support. Our winning formula combines the flexibility of remote, asynchronous work, with a strong sense of team connectivity. Co-working opportunities and diverse team events held across Australia further enhance collaboration and our sustainable work-life balance commitment.


We leverage the power of teamwork, engendered through transparent communication, collaboration, and high trust behaviours, resulting in exceptional delivery outcomes. We lead, inspire and learn from each other.


We fuse innovation with the proven art of project management, adapting with agility to changing markets and client environments. Our commitment to innovation extends to internal processes, where scientific methods are integrated for optimal performance.

Iterative Improvement

We prioritise continuous improvement for our staff, reflected in our Skuddy (“Skeiny Buddy”) program, a generous learning and development allowance, a proprietary learning and development platform, and complimented by our in-house performance and human sustainability coach. Our ethos of knowledge-sharing and focus on improvement allows us to complete projects others cannot, and unlocks individual fulfilment and potential.

Freedom Under Responsibility

In our psychologically supportive environment, where projects and objectives are clearly communicated, our agile team operates with a sense of freedom under responsibility. We entrust our team members with the autonomy to deliver impactful outcomes, fostering a motivating culture of combined empowerment and accountability.

Giving Back

At Skeiny, our commitment to making a positive impact extends to giving back to causes that enhance our communities and support future generations. Every month, our team actively participates in selecting charitable causes to contribute to, reinforcing our dedication to meaningful and purposeful giving.


Skeiny Perks and Benefits

  • Flexible working hours
  • Freedom under responsibility
  • Paid parental leave
  • Home Office allowance
  • In-house Performance and Wellbeing coach
  • Learning and Development allowance
  • Birthday Day Leave
  • Skeiny Swag
  • Co-working days
  • Team events
  • Unbiased, fair and equitable compensation philosophy
Skeiny Trish Evans Photography-45

Associate Program

At Skeiny, we are committed to fostering the development of our Associate Consultants. We offer the following:

  • Two year professional development training process
  • The program is customised to align with the specific direction an Associate is focused on and the starting point of their technical knowledge
  • In-house training provided covering a broad expanse of subjects, complemented with external offerings
  • Team members are allocated a financial budget towards training and professional development on an ongoing basis

Reach out to us if you would like to learn more about pursuing a career in project management consultancy with Skeiny.

Join our team of motivated individuals who are quick learners and thrive in adaptive, dynamic environments.

If you’re passionate about continuous development, collaboration, and making a meaningful impact, and you excel in decision making and problem solving with pragmatic and innovative solutions, we invite you to express your interest in being part of the Skeiny journey.